Sep 23

Healthy Food For Chemotherapy Patients

Food intake during chemotherapy is beneficial to prevent patients avoid prolonged nausea and fatigue.

Chemotherapy is an attempt to kill cancer cells by disrupting the reproductive cell function. Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer by giving substance or medication that cures kill cancer cells.

Below there are some healthy foods that should be consumed during chemotherapy:

1. Eggs


Foods rich in vitamin B and protein will make chemotherapy patients become more healthy. The selenium content in eggs helps reduce the effects after chemotherapy. In addition, the yolk contains vitamins D and E, which can help protect the body from toxins due to medication from cancer.

2. Ginger


Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. To that, add ginger to foods that are eaten or into a cup of tea are drunk every day.

3. Vegetable


Kale, spinach, lettuce, is a good source of iron, and contains vitamins A, E, and K, these nutrients help the red blood cells that makes hemoglobin and distribute oxygen throughout the body.

A good circulation of oxygen and blood will help maintain the health of cancer patients. In addition, green leafy vegetables also contain essential nutrients that have cancer fighting properties.

4. Peas and beans


Beans and legumes are a source of protein and vitamin b. Beans and nuts also help in repair cell and improve a patient’s immune system.

5. Yogurt


Yogurt contains Probiotics which are similar to the good bacteria that live in the colon cancer patients. Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, yogurt is beneficial to prevent diarrhea and weight loss during chemotherapy.

Sep 22

The Benefits Of Black Pepper Can Shatter Body Fat

black pepperNow many dishes in the restaurant which combines with the spices of this one. Black pepper not only makes a delicious food, but also can improve health.

Black pepper has healing properties that can help treat vitiligo disease or loss of skin pigment melanin so fade and appear white patches in the shape of an irregular that the longer size can be enlarged.

Besides, it can also help launch the digestive process as well as reduce joint pain. Black pepper content consisting of an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and high nutritional value can help absorb nutrients in the blood. Black pepper or black pepper should be consumed in the form of intact instead of powder.

Black pepper is also not good when consumed in large amounts can risk irritating the intestine. Black pepper has a content of vitamins C, K, potassium, fiber and iron.

Here are some diseases that can be addressed after consuming black pepper, which are:

1. Vitiligo

Black pepper has been used in Ayurvedic for years to treat the condition vitiligo. This disease is a disease, lose melanin skin pigment so fade and appear white patches in the shape of an irregular that the longer size can be enlarged.

Black pepper used in Ayurvedic oils and ointments as an external applicator to push an increase in melanin production. It is also used in Allopathy namely pasta containing black pepper to protect from sunlight.

2. Hull

Black pepper contains piperin can increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach so it makes the digestive process to be smooth. Black pepper can also help reduce the level of gas in the stomach cause flatulence. Moreover, it also can eliminate toxins in the body through the sweat out.

3. Due to Bacteria

The content of vitamin C in black pepper can cure coughs, colds and sinusitis. In addition the anti-bacterial nature also help treat constipation and diarrhea. When black pepper boiled with a mixture of water and oil then can be used to treat insect bites. Black pepper bitten directly may help reduce pain in the tooth.

3. Free Radical Capturer

The antioxidants in black pepper can ward off free radicals and minimize the damage to the skin. Black LAD can also help cancer treatment primarily of skin cancer.

4. Fat shatter

Black pepper may help break down fat cells quicker and to help lose weight. It also can increase the metabolism of the body so the weight loss process can be done easily. Black pepper may cause someone sweating and urinating, it is to help eliminate toxins and also helps clean up the artery to clear the blood of toxins.

5. Reduce Depression

Piperine in black pepper may act directly to the central nervous system, so exemplary anti depressant.

Sep 21

The Grape Juice Have Many Benefit

The Grape JuiceIn addition, as an early aging, fruits that have three colors namely black, green and Red has many benefits. One of them could prevent breast cancer.

Beneficial good wines ranging from relieving migraines, prevent cancer and help the digestive process. The content of the wine is composed of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can help improve health.

Here are some benefits of eating grape juice every day, namely:

1. Reduce the risk of Heart

The wine has a Flavonoid that can increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL). This prevents clogging of the arteries and reduce the likelihood of heart disease.

2. Prevent Breast cancer

Wine helps prevent the formation of tumor cells in the body, preventing breast cancer Resveratol. Women who care about the health of her breasts, try to consume grape juice per day.

3. Neutralize acid and Cough

Not many know the wine turns out can help neutralize the acids in the stomach and relieve cough.

4. Reduce blood pressure

The wine has benefits can lower blood pressure and stabilize there.

5. Launch the digestion

Drinking grape juice every day may help launch bowel movements, so the intestine can be cleaned naturally.

6. Migraine

For migraine relief, grape juice may help treat it.

7. Healthy Hair

Antioxidant content helps improve blood circulation in the scalp so that reduce hair loss.

8. Skin

The grape juice is good for the skin, can help reduce the black spots and acne as well as help prevent premature aging because of the content of antioxidant.

Sep 20

5 Spice Preventive Cancer

Not a few who still believe with medicinal herbs or spices to enhance health. Five spice can help improve your health.

1. Gingerginger

Ginger has long been used in traditional medicine to treat everything from colds to constipation. Ginger can be consumed directly or in the form of powder (ginger spice) or candied.

By eating ginger can help provide comfort on the stomach and relieve nausea. Ginger can also be a complement to the treatment of cancer.

2. Rosemary


Herbal plant this one has a high antioxidant content. Many Mediterranean cuisine that uses herbs to add flavor in soups or processed meat. Many believe rosemary can prevent cancer, researchers are conducting testing related things.

Rosemary can help the detoxification process, launch the digestive tract, eliminate bloating, and increased appetite.

3. Turmeric


The content of curcumin in turmeric gives the benefit as an anti-inflammatory or inflammation as well as are antioxidants that can protect themselves from cancer development.

In addition to turmeric also under study for use as a preventive disease in colon, breast cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer.

4. Paprika


Capsaicin in Peppers is a compound that can reduce the pain. When capsaicin is applied to the skin, there was a release of chemicals called substance p. The process that makes the pain decreases.

But its use is not indiscriminate, it needs special skills. When applying too much pepper in the area who are sick can be at risk of burns. To avoid the need of knowledge.

In addition the peppers can also help launch the digestive tract, research is also being done to treat neuropathic pain (pain surprise that attacks the nerve pathways) after cancer surgery.

5. Garlic


Herbs with strong scents, has a high sulphur content and are also a good source of Arginine, oligosakarida, flavonoids, and selenium are beneficial to health. The active compound Allicin that gives a peculiar smell of garlic.

Some studies show consuming garlic can reduce the risk of cancer of the stomach, colon, esophageal, pancreatic, and breast. There are compounds in garlic can inhibit the bacteria and the formation of cancer-causing substances, improved repair DNA and induces cell death.

Garlic also helps the detoxification process and can also support the immune system and helps to reduce blood pressure.

Sep 19

3 Herbal Potions To Increase Libido

ginsengThe Chinese believe, ginseng efficacious immune-boosting, increase sexual desire, brain function, increase energy, vitality, and stamina.

Based on research, aphrodisiac herbs contain compounds derived Saponins, Alkaloids, Tannins and other compounds that are physiologically able to improve blood circulation in the central nervous system or peripheral blood circulation and lead to an increase in blood circulation in the genitals.

No wonder if aphrodisiac widely used as a solution for increasing libido by many people around the world. But unfortunately, not all foods are claimed to be an aphrodisiac that efficacious. Such as clams, oysters and goat meat, foods that actually increase blood pressure, but it has nothing to do with sexual arousal.

However, some herbs have been proven medicinal properties:


Ginkgo can increase blood flow to the erectile tissue, relaxes blood vessels and increases the sensation nerves.

Ginkgo can be consumed by men and women. Many women consume ginkgo menopause in the current phase.

In addition, Ginkgo also can prevent ovarian cancer in women. As many as 50-78 percent of men consume 60-240 mg of ginkgo daily for six weeks to get a good erection capability.


By taking 10-30 drops of extract of ginseng, your stress hormones will decline.

Ginseng is also known as an herbal sexual booster in increasing libido. In Russia, 50 percent of men with ED cases can be cured by taking ginseng every day.


Herbs are always in the kitchen of this house also has aphrodisiac properties. Ginger helps blood flow and heat to the abdomen and genitals. This helps sexual function directly.

The consuming ginger routine will restore men with ED cases, ginger can remove Atherosclerotic plaque from penis blood vessels and improve penis circulation.

Sep 15

Asparagus Quickly Restore Drunk Alcohol

AsparagusAsparagus is known to contain quite a lot. Start of fiber, folate, vitamin A, C, E, and K to chromium. Chromium is a mineral that can increase the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into the cells.

These vegetables are also very rich in Glutathione, which helps break down the compounds that detoxify carcinogens and other harmful compounds. Asparagus is also very good to counteract free radicals. That is why this vegetable is good to prevent cancer.

Asparagus is rich in tryptophan are usually found in many animal products, such as meat and eggs. Tryptophan also serves to change the mood.

Proved stout all the nutrients found in these vegetables. It turns out in addition to good health, asparagus is also good for a hangover.

Many people believe that a drunk can be treated with aspirin, greasy food or sleep. But a study at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) found that asparagus extract has the ability to help speed the body reacts to alcohol.

The vegetable extract is found in high amounts can cure headaches and removes amino acids and minerals.

“Cellular toxicity was significantly reduced in response to treatment using extracts of the leaves and shoots of asparagus,” said South Korean researchers, Kim.

“These results provide evidence of how the biological function of the asparagus can relieve someone’s hangover and protect liver cells,” he concluded.

Sep 09

Garlic Turn On Your Sexual Arousal

garlicVariety benefits of garlic has no need debated again. However, the benefits of garlic for the issue of sex may never think about. Society of China and India since long used garlic to help inflame sexual life.

There are several important benefits of garlic for your sexual health:

1. Solve erectile dysfunction and impotence

Garlic is known as an aphrodisiac and is known to increase blood circulation. An enzyme called nitric oxide synthase is responsible for a mechanism called an erection.

Recent studies show that garlic in certain forms can stimulate the production of the enzyme, especially in men who experience erectile dysfunction.

2. Increase Libido

Although it smells pungent, if the top layer to be peeled it can be a good aphrodisiac tonic. It can be consumed on a regular basis. Eat with a mixture of one tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach

3. Improve blood circulation

The remarkable influence of garlic is to improve blood flow, especially to the genitals. Therefore, both men and women, garlic can improve vitality and sexual endurance. Blockage of the arteries and blood flow, can reduce sex drive.

4. Improving public health

Many health benefits of garlic are produced. Ranging from lower blood pressure, cholesterol up as a natural antibiotic. As a result, sexual life was also going well.

Sep 06

The Savory Juices In Order To Keep ‘ Hot Sex ‘

healthy juiceFruit and vegetable are familiar as a weapon of detoxification. In addition to strengthening the immune system, treat stomach problems and strengthen bones also can improve sex life.

Nutrition specialists Drew Canole says, the juice has many benefits. Drew Canole created two recipes of fruit and vegetable juice, which is a blend of vitamins and hormones. This recipe was created to keep the intimate relationship stays hot until the end.

The following fruits have benefits to improve the sex life of married couples, Jesus:

1. Carrots

The fruit was orange contains high vitamin A can stimulate epithelial tissues throughout the body.

2 Celery Stalks.

Stalk of celery contains androsterone, which is a hormone that can stimulate passion sex.

3. Cucumber

Cucumbers contain abundant water, so as to provide a boost stamina and endurance of the body and good for the skin.

4. Leaves Kale

The high zinc mineral compounds into the main sex to enhance libido.

5. Ginger

This Rhizome plant can reduce free radicals in the blood and improve blood flow to all the places that make happy.

6. Garlic

Flavoring this dish does have a strong smell, but can increase the production of nitric oxide, a compound responsible for erection.

7. Turmeric

This spice plant contains compounds that can reduce inflammation as well as maximize blood flow and can increase arousal and sexual performance.

The following recipe juice that made Drew Canole to keep sex to stay hot until the end:

Ingredients for women:

4 pieces of carrot
2 Sprigs celery
½ Cucumber
3 Leaves kale
1 Thumb-sized ginger adults

Materials for men:

1 Piece of cucumber
3 Stalks Celery
1 Piece of garlic
1 Whole lemon
1 Thumb-sized turmeric segment of adults

How To Make It:

Mix all ingredients, each one for women and one for men. Then input a blender until smooth, and any juice day drink. Happy Juicing!

Sep 03

Gloomy Childhood Creating Quick Fat Woman At Adult

Gloomy ChildhoodA life less happy childhood seemed to have an impact on gaining weight as adults. A study in the United States is to unveil the results of the study are staggering.

To quote the page Dailymail, Thursday (9/1/2015) research involving involving 3.617 (2.259 1,289 women and men) finds, stress during childhood will make women more susceptible to obesity in adulthood.

Professor of sociology at Michigan State University, Hui Liu, stress will affect the lives of women rather than men. She exemplifies, common problems such as economic hardship, divorce or health problems of one of the parents is alleged to be its own pressure on the child.

“Women will tend to eat more when stressed. While men are drinking alcohol. This habit leads to weight gain in women, “he said.

Previously, research in Sweden has also analyzed the relationship of stress in childhood and as adults. The results did not vary much. Children who experience stress due to a family death, divorce or separation, can triple the risk diabetes type 1.

Scientists who analyzed more than 10,000 families involved children aged 2-14 years who have family conflicts, the intervention of social services and unemployment. As a result, 58 of them were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

The team at Linkoping University, said, for while the cause of type 1 diabetes is unknown, but genetic factors and the immune system are said to kill cells in the pancreas that produce beta insulin.

They suggest kids should’ve been happy to grow better cotton.

Aug 17

Seamlessly face like a baby with 5 Ingredients Homes

Green tea may help reduce cholesterol and help you lose weight we also suitable as material for body scrubs make skin look like a baby. Not only tea, coffee and chocolate powder also have the same benefits as green tea.

Facial scrubs capable of removing the dead cells from the skin and improve skin quality itself. Facial scrubs also open the pores to remove blackheads.

Quoted from the site Boldsky on Wednesday (07/15/2015), there are five ingredients, natural facial scrubs that can make the face look more fresh. The materials were also able to eliminate all the dirt is trapped and oils from the skin. In addition, natural materials can also prevent the growth of acne.

Here are other ingredients that can be used as facial scrubs that make the face look fresh;

1. Coffee beans


Grind some coffee beans into coarse particles and then mix it with olive oil and honey, and apply it to the face is one simple way to prevent the appearance of acne.

2. Chocolate


Melt some chocolate bars, almond oil and mix a little sugar. Scrubs use a mixture of these materials helps preserve our skin and will make it seem natural radiance.

3. Green tea

green tea

Green tea mixture is allowed to cool and then mixed with honey can make the skin glow naturally.

4. Blueberry


Grow some blueberry seeds and mix a little lemon juice and brown sugar. Rub gently on the face, with a circular motion, then let stand wash with warm water. Feel the benefits.

5. Almonds


Grind several almonds and mix with olive oil also can make a face so smooth.

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